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I offer individual and couples' therapy online and in-person (for those in Kitchener-Waterloo region). Generally sessions are an hour in length but with couples it makes sense to do 75 or 90 minutes as well.

I am an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor, working with both individuals and couples.

I maintain an online therapy practice which serves clients in all Canadian provinces and beyond. I also have an in-person practice where I serve clients in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area.

My primary treatment areas of focus include: anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship issues. I have additional expertise in men’s therapy, focusing on issues of self-esteem, addictions, guilt and shame, and sexual health counselling. I believe strongly in de-stigmatizing therapy for men.

I have additional expertise in Couples’ Therapy, where I treat a number of issues: increasing intimacy, managing an affair, navigating family boundaries, communication, and emotional regulation. My goal in couples’ counselling is to improve communication between partners, strengthen listening, and work towards more security and satisfaction. (Modalities include EFT, PACT and Esther Perel’s intimacy seminar).

The clients that I see for therapy range in ages from mid 20s to early 50s. Many clients that I see for counselling come in with the following goals and challenges: strengthening romantic/ sexual relationships; establishing clearer family boundaries, working through past guilt and shame; adjusting to parenthood; managing career goals. My aim as a therapist is to help you manage the challenges/ negative feelings of this period of life and help clarify goals, strengths and strategies for achieving greater autonomy and balance. While ongoing counselling is advised, occasional therapy can have many treatment benefits.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, and hold a PhD in Communication.

I aim to make therapy affordable and accessible to all. I offer sliding scale prices for those without employee benefit coverage. Please contact me if you are interested in therapy but are concerned about cost:

I offer free phone consultations. Don’t hesitate to call me at: 548 483-6301. You can also book a consult online in the left drop down menu.

Links to my writing or speaking about therapy, counselling, and men’s issues can be found below:

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I am an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor, working with both individuals and couples. I... Read More

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